Jidel Judo and People with Disabilities (Adaptive Judo)

Jidel Judo 93 is aware that people with a disability are underrepresented in sport (National survey of Disability and Sport 2000). Yet Jidel has approximately 40 members that have a disability. This is very close to a ratio of 1:5/6. As our membership swells to the 250 mark, Jidel Judo 93 intends to maintain this ratio leading the way for disability Judo in West Lothian and Scotland.

Judo can be experienced by wheelchair users, people with Epilepsy, Learning disabilities, Cerebral Palsy, Down’s syndrome or people with hearing, speech or visually impairment. Jidel Judo 93 believes that the whole spectrum of people with a disability should be allowed to try the sport and participate within the sport of Judo. Over 50 % of our disabled members work with our non-disabled members. Some of the players from that class have participated in a Jidel Judo Mix and Matches.

Jidel Judo 93 have a classes on a Monday at Craigswood Sports Centre, Livingston and Tuesday at ENgauge, Napier University, Sighthill especially designed for our disability players, this class is designed to take into account all the needs of the player and break the session down into small chunks to help our players with their learning.

The majority of our members with a disability are encouraged to take part in the ESSN www.essndisabilityjudogroup.com Judo group for Judo players in the East of Scotland with a physical or intellectual disability. One of the head coaches is our own Jo Imrie as well as the coach from Kyu – Shin – Kai Judo in Edinburgh Janice Graham.  Two of our coaches Emma Imrie-Herd and Alex James also coach at these sessions. Two of our top cadets help out as assistant coaches with one of them receiving an award The Young Quality Scot Award for helping at these sessions. This pathway has led to the selection of 4 Jidel members with a disability being selected by Lothian Team to compete in the Special Olympic Games back in 2009 in Leicester.

In 2014 Jo Imrie one of our head coaches was selected by Special Olympic Great Britain to be assist coach at Special Olympic European Games in Antwerp, Belgium.

Also in 2014 Jidel Judo 93 had a player that was selected to represent Great Britain at the Special Olympic World Summer Games in Los Angeles with our own head coach Jo Imrie being selected for head coach at the world games.

Jo Imrie is also lead coach for Judo Scotland weekly disability session held at Forrester high school on a Thursday.(www.judoscotland.com)

Although it’s great that Jidel Judo 93 can offer this pathway and we are slowly chipping away at the Paralympic World Class Pathway. Participation for people with disabilities will always be at the top of the agenda with regards to Judo for people with disability. Although this appears to be more of a statement than a development plan, we hope by putting this statement on our website it will encourage more people with a disability to participate within the sport of Judo itself.